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Dr Mohal Banker 

Treating vascular malformation is just like a fighting in battle field. There is no bulletproof strategy over here. In indian mythological stories, karna was given kawach from surya bhagwan , yet it could not protect him when he was on wrong side. While abhimanyu was on right side, kunti has given him raksha bandana, yet it could not save him. Experience suggest that if you are going into battlefield, be prepared with right knowledge , experience & proper weapon than & than you can win.

Sharing my experience, knowledge & weapon in this talk.

Vascular malformation is very complex disease. Many times patients get treated by our colleagues either by surgery with prior embolisation or with glue & coils. If you hear my above talk, than you can realise that it’s totally wrong way to treat. Absolute ethanol sclerotherapy is best method to treat vascular malformation.  Learn different vantage point from my above talk & choose what is right or wrong. 

Special thanks to Dr wayne yake , interventional radiologist (usa) & pioneer in this field. I got opportunity to learn from him.


Vascular malformation treatment , Hemangioma, avm,