Banker’s note: Emotional Health

Hi friends,

Two days back , on 29th July 2019, we all heard news of V. G.Siddhartha, main promoter of Cafe Coffee Day, has committed suicide under emotional pressure. Mr Siddhartha has put great effort to develop Indian coffee market. Let us analyse these three examples:

(1) S. Raju from Satyam Computers

(2) Vijay Malya from Kingfisher

(3) V. G. Siddhartha from Cafe Coffee Day

All these three people failed in their business but they have managed their failure differently. Mr. S. Raju accepted his fault & surrendered, Malya flew away from country to escape all charges & Siddhartha killed himself.

I don’t want to go into detail, why they failed or what they can do financially to prevent their failure. But my point is why significant difference in behavioral pattern of these three failed entrepreneur?….. Answer is they have tackled their emotional injuries differently. Most of the time we all know how to handle our physical injuries, even 3rd grade student knows that if he has physical injury than apply detol & band-aid. But unfortunately no much awareness for emotional injuries. Our mind can be injured by many emotions like failure, rejection, guilt , loss, loneliness etc. Such injuries are very harmful than physical injuries. Because these emotional injuries leads to block capacity of human mind. Human mind ruminates negativity every minute. At one weak emotional moment, if your negative thought becomes powerful than it leads to outcome like what Mr. V.G.Siddhartha has done.

Failure leads to three specific psychological wounds that require emotional first aid.

(1) It damages our self-esteem by inducing us to draw conclusions about our skills, abilities, and capacities that are highly inaccurate and distorted. (2) It saps our confidence, motivation, and optimism, making us feel helpless and trapped. (3)And it can trigger unconscious stresses and fears that lead us to inadvertently sabotage our future efforts.

Because of these three emotional injuries after failure , we doubt on ourselves & ultimately we give up our effort.

Now question is what to do in such situation? Many motivational examples are available that Thomas Adison failed 10000 times before it invented light bulb. But such motivational thought is less effective in that stressful emotional situation.

One has to divert his mind from set back & try to do fresh efforts again to overcome failure. Any hobby plays important role to divert your mind. I keep on telling this Bhagavat Gita’s quote to my son and it’s true in this situation also…. when Lord Krishna told to Arjun ” Arjun, I can guide you in this battle but this is your battle, you have to fight & win it.” ….so fight your battle against failure by yourself.

Innovation in medical field

There are many new innovative technique coming up in medical field. I have included few technique like glue embolisation in varicose vein & absolute ethanol embolisation of vascular malformation.

Many knows that diabetes is treatable but type 2 diabetes is reversible. Dr rajesh hydrabadi is going to share views on it.

Burning issues of society- Advertisement bias

Along with such entrepreneur stories, i have included few topics of burning issues of society. This issues are created by advertisements by corporates……we can call it advertisement biases. In this advertisement biases people forget about quality & they took decision only on pricing factor which is very dangerous in medical field.

Lasik surgery, dentist treatment …..& in many more medical treatment….corporates try to lure patients with discounts but this discount come with a cost. They can not maintain sterilisation & disposable material with low cost. These we are going to discus in this segment.

I come to know many incidence that parents spending their life time savings for medical education of their children. Let’s find out this investment is worth it or not?

Zero to One- entrepreneurial stories

Medical college teaches us how to treat patient but for that you need a patient who visits at your hospital. But not a single college teaches us how to run successful hospital. With this platform i am going to share you successful stories of entrepreneur who has achieved significant height in their career.

These entrepreneur have started from scratch & achieved significant heith in their professional career. These are in true sense “0 to 1” stories. “Zero to One” title inspired by Mr Peter Theil book with the same title “0 to 1”. Do enjoy topics.