India's premier Vascular Interventional center. It has highest number of treating experience in Varicose Vein. This center is doing exclusive treatment for Vascular Malformation with Absolute Ethanol Embolization. It has also started first time in India , Genicular Artery Embolization for Knee Pain, Frozen Shoulder Embolization & other Musculoskeletal Pain like Tennis Elbow & Heel Pain.

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Bankers Vascular Hospital

3rd Floor RJP House Anandnagar Road Ahmedabad

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Why Venaseal Glue Embolization is Best Treatment for Varicose Veins ?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][mkd_section_title title="WHAT ARE VARICOSE VEINS?" title_color="#1e73be" title_text_transform="uppercase" title_text_align="center" margin_bottom="" title_size="large"][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/2"][vc_column_text]Varicose veins are twisted, swollen veins. Varicose veins can occur anywhere in the body, but they are most frequent in the legs. Varicose veins are not a life-threatening medical problem. They can, however, be uncomfortable and lead...

Vascular malformation treatment live

Absolute ethanol embolization is one of the best way to treat vascular malformation. Vascular malformations are abnormal blood vessels that grow in the wrong place. They can form anywhere in your body but are most likely to appear on your skin, in your brain and spinal...

Heel pain treatment live

Plantar artery embolization is one of best treatment available for heel pain. We are going to discuss this treatment live. Ask us any questions regarding this treatment. ...

Knee pain treatment live

Genicular artery embolization is one of best treatment available for knee pain. We are going to discuss this treatment live. Ask us any questions regarding this treatment. ...

Freedom from knee & heel pain webinar on 15th august 2021

https://youtu.be/HdiyezMII58 This Independence Day, we are planning a webinar specifically for people suffering from knee and heel pain. In this webinar, the experts will discuss the unusual behaviour that people will express in response to pain, as well as the symptoms and the best non-surgical treatments...

Venaseal Glue embolization for varicose vein

Glue embolization is new technique by which we can treat varicose vein. Its so advanced that patient does not require tumescent anesthesia & no post operative pain. After this procedure stocking is not required at all. Over all glue embolization is new technique & so...

Banker’s note: Emotional Health

There is lots of awareness about physical injury, But emotional injuries are more harmful. Recent case study of Mr siddhartha , promoter of cafe coffee day, has done suicide is victim of emotional injury....

Innovation in medical field

There are many new innovative technique coming up in medical field. I have included few technique like glue embolisation in varicose vein & absolute ethanol embolisation of vascular malformation. Many knows that diabetes is treatable but type 2 diabetes is reversible. Dr rajesh hydrabadi is going...

Zero to One- entrepreneurial stories

Medical college teaches us how to treat patient but for that you need a patient who visits at your hospital. But not a single college teaches us how to run successful hospital. With this platform i am going to share you successful stories of entrepreneur...


Dr Rajesh hydrabadi , cardiothoracic & vascular surgeon. Dr mohal Banker, interventional radiologist. Dr kaushik shah , surgeon at mandvi kutchh. Dr jayesh amin, ivf specialist , director of wings group of hospital. Dr Chirag shah, consultant ophthalmologist in ahmedabad Dr Hemang zala, consultnat orthodentist in ahmedabad Dr...