Varicose vein affecting larger population of society. There is a need to train as much as possible young doctors to cater this society.

We run a varicose vein training programme in our clinic. As we treat varicose vein since 2008, we have largest series of varicose vein treatment experience in western india. We have designed this programme to share secret of treating varicose veins with good results.

Dr hydrabadi & dr banker have specially designed programme for varicose vein. This programme is designed for general surgeons, interventional radiologist & vascular surgeons. It covers from basics of venous system & ends at high tech endovenous thermal ablation.

Few highlight of programme:

  1. Pt’s examination
  2. How to investigate varicose vein patients
  3. Hands-on experience for colour Doppler of venous system
  4. How to decide treatment
  5. Hands-on experience of laser ablations
  6. Hands-on experience of radio frequency ablations
  7. Hands-on experience of foam sclerotherapy.

This programme is designed for personalised training. Only one candidate will allowed in training session. This makes highly educative experience for candidate because we can focus on small small queries of candidates. We run this programme at every 3rd sunday of month. Its one day training session from morning to evening, where we cover lots of educational stuff.

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